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Buy C.A.'s personal pick for braided line and leader!

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will buy you an equivalent from our competition!*

"Ohero's Advanced Braid is strong but thinner than the competition, allowing me to cast further and pack more line on my spool!"

"You got to use Ohero's fluorocarbon leader, it's highly resistant to abraision and practically invisible!"

- Captain C.A. Richardson of Flats Class TV

*Challenge Rules

If you are not completely satisfied with Ohero’s Fluorocarbon Leader/Advanced Microfiber Braid we’ll buy you the equivalent from our competitor. See chart below for what is available as a replacement.

Qualified items are Ohero's 100% Fluorocarbon Leader(25 and 50 yd. spools only) and Advanced Microfiber Braid(150 and 300 yd. spools. only), both from 10 lb to 50 lb test only. Choose replacement for fluorocarbon leader from Seaguar Blue Label or Yo-Zuri's Powercarbon. For braids choices are Powerpro Braid or Suffix Performance Braid.

Purchases must be made between April 1st to September 1st 2014 from anybrick & motar, online retailers that carries Ohero products or directly at

To file a claim, gather the following items and mail them in by September 31st 2014.

  • A copy of your dated sales receipt and item purchased.
  • Completed claim form.
  • The Ohero line & spool purchased from your receipt (used and unused with spool).

Then mail them to: Ohero Fishing Flats Class Challenge 3922 W. Osborne Ave. Tampa, FL 33614.