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Captain & Guide Registration Form

Please upload the following documentation:

  • Registered Captain License
  • State Vessel License
  • State Wildlife Fishing License
  • Business Card
  • Photo

Lee Fisher International, Inc. has been offering its Humpback Premium Cast nets and Ohero line of fishing gear to qualified charter guides throughout the US for over 10 years now.  By joining Lee Fisher's Captain & Guide program, you not only save money on our premium Humpback Cast nets but also superior fishing gear and tools to get the job done. All we ask is your help in promoting our quality products.

For 2017 we’ve updated the program to include new additions to the Ohero product line and revised pricing.

Please register and start taking advantage of this offer!

  • Qualification required:
  • Registered Captain License
  • State Vessel Licence
  • State Wildlife Fishing Licence
  • Business card
  • Website URL
  • Photo
Benefit Your Responsibility

50% off Humpback cast net at current MSRP on the first order and special listed price after.

* Link our business to your business as a sponsor
All other product at special price listed **Post our products on your social media and activities at least 4 times per year
Link your business website to our site ** Promote our products to your clients and associates
Will refer customers for charter to you ** Will not sponsor our competitor’s same products at the same time.

Note: Lee Fisher reserve the right to honor the program if applicant does not meet requirement
Lee Fisher also reserves the right to terminate your program if you do not fulfill the responsibility described

Once your application has been processed and approved, we ask that you add our brand logos to your website, boat and/or Facebook page, etc. The requirements of this program are that you use and promote our professional products, show your customers how to use them/where to find them, and post about our products on your social media sites and ours.

Discounted items in the program include our-top-of-the-line Humpback and Bait Buster series cast nets and the complete Ohero catalog. For more detailed information on our product line, visit Just Cast Nets and Ohero Fishing.

Click on the link below for a list of our Sponsored Guides. If you are a current Guide in the program and you do not see your name on the list, please send a message to with your Name and contact information.


Sponsored Guides