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Learn About Cast Nets

How to Throw a Cast Net

Whether for live bait or for live bait chumming, learning how to throw a cast net is one of the best means to fill the bait well before going fishing. Jose Wejebe demonstrates the best way to throw a cast net for distance and spread.

Cast Net Structure and How it Works

This is an underwater view of what the net looks like in action. This is a 5ft net.

USA Fisheries

USA Fisheries Map

Click on this map to view an interactive map depicting the different fishing regions and the fish species most common to these areas. Click on a State to find the most common fish species.

Fishing Knots – Know Before Hitting The Water

Snell Knot

No need to spend all month learning to tie knots, these five types will quickly prepare you before you hit the water.

Choosing The Right Fishing Rod

Choosing The Right Fishing Rod
A good rod may not instantly make you a better angler but a poor rod will be a limiting factor for any angler. Generally, a good rod will help and...

Types of Reels: The advantages & drawbacks

Types of Reels: The advantages & drawbacks

With so many reel options available, how can you possibly make an informed decision? The first step is knowing the types of reels that are available.