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Humpback Preimium Cast net Collection

Lee Fisher International, Inc. is a leading provider of quality commercial fishing supplies since 1982. Based in Tampa Florida, we warehouse a huge selection of monofilament, nylon, and polyethylene netting material, ready to ship anywhere in the US & Canada. With over 60 years of net-building experience, we make the best cast nets in the world; Bait Buster, Joy Fish, Mako and the all-new premium Humpback series.

The Humpback Cast Net is our new line of premium, professional-grade bait nets.  Superior hand workmanship by skilled net makers for exceptional durability.  We believe in preserving the environment and craft our nets using eco-friendly material not artificial dyes. Expertise coupled with our drive for improvement, innovation, and environment preservation sets us apart as a world leader in the art of cast net making. 

Humpback on wheel

Why Buy Humpback Cast Net?

Lee Fisher, the parent company of Humpback Cast nets has been manufacturing nets for over 30 years and have gotten quite good at it! We have competitive pricing and a broad netting size selection to suit all skill levels.

This net was made for the serious angler... Definitely designed to catch more bait fish with fewer escapes.